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Aterno5 45cm Solar Steel Sphere With LED, Battery, Pebble Pool & Charger Garden Water Feature By Aqua Moda

Solar Powered York Copper Cascade Water Feature with LED light, Battery Back Up and Charger

Orba Solar Powered Black Column and Ball Water Feature

Solar Powered Classical Tier Water Feature

Solar Powered Autumn Copper Cascade Water Feature With Battery, LEDs & Charger

Solar Granite Cascading Bowls With Battery, LEDs & Mains Charger Water Feature

Aqua Moda Solar Power Pitcher Cascade Water Feature

Aqua Moda Solar Pump on Wooden Barrel Water Feature with LED light
















Smart Solar Aphrodite Ceramic Garden Water Feature




Aqua Moda Solar Granite Millstone Water Feature With LED Lights

Solar Granite Drava Water Feature By Aqua Moda


Smart Solar Frog Fountain Garden Water Feature



Solar Powered Trio with LEDs, Battery, Mains Charger, Pebble Pool & Cobbles Granite Water Feature


Aterno6 - Solar Powered 60cm Diameter Polished Stainless Steel Sphere And Base Water Feature with LED Light

Solar Rainbow Sandstone Trio With LED, Battery, Charger, Pebble Pool & Cobbles Water Feature



Solar Powered Helsinki Stainless Steel Fountain Water Feature

Solar Powered Rainbow Sandstone Sphere 50cm Diameter Water Feature With LED Light Complete Kit



Solar Rainbow Sandstone Aqua Yin Yang With LEDs, Battery, Charger, Cobbles and Pebble Pool Water Feature

Solar Rainbow Sandstone Sphere 60cm Diameter Water Feature Complete Kit With LEDs

Solar Basento by Aqua Moda Water Feature


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1-48 of 56

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As technology has improved, we have seen more and more solar powered water features available to purchase. Whether you are environmentally minded or are not in a position to wire mains to the desired location the choice of solar powered fountains has never been bigger

Direct Sunlight Solar Water Features

Direct sunlight solar features function directly for the sun rays. As the rays hit the solar panel this energy is used to power the pump within the water feature. The plus side to these fountains is that no wiring is required and they are free to run. The down side is that they only operate during certain times of the year and will not function in daylight / during cloudy periods

Battery Back Up Solar Water Features

You can also purchase battery operated solar features. These use direct sunlight to charge batteries housed in the solar panel (sometimes in as separate housing) You then press a button to activate the pump in the water feature which usually has a timer. Look out for Aqua Moda solar water features with the 'battery backup' function as these are supplied with an ac adaptor to charge the batteries should the British weather fail you!

Direct Sunlight With Battery Back Up Solar Fountains

Albeit there are not very many on the market, there are also solar powered features which have pumps which operate from both direct sunlight and battery backup. These usually function during the day from exposure to direct sunlight with the option of switching to battery mode during the night or during overcast days. The Aqua Moda 250 lph solar pump is an example of this type of pump

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