Utilising free energy and being a green alternative, solar water features have become more and more popular over recent years. With no requirement of a mains power lead you have the freedom to position solar fountains in various parts of the garden (you still need sunlight!) The improvements in technology mane that there are more, larger features available which use a solar panel to pump the water within the feature.

The majority of our solar fountain range are supplied with a free mains charger. This will allow you disconnect the solar panel or battery pack, take it indoors and charge this as you would a mobile phone. This means you can get extended use of your feature during overcast periods of weather.

In the past solar water features have been supplied with inefficient solar units which offered a minimal water lift and a very limited operation time from a full charge. Our 800LPH solar battery water pump is used with a selection of our features and boast a maximum lift of 2 metres and a run time of up to 8 hrs. The introduction of this pump has made several of our customer favourite features available with solar power - these include: