Looking to design your own water feature? We have everything you need...

Using an existing garden ornament or pool of water (such as a pond) are great ways to form and individual and cost effective fountain. Old watering cans, terracotta plant pots and sections of rockery are frequently utilized to make a unique water feature. Our stock includes pools, submersible water pumps, tubing and other accessories enabling our customers to create their own fountain at a reasonable cost.

We carry in stock, round, square and rectangular pools, with the option of both heavy duty and budget lids. Our range of fountain pumps cater for all needs, from small low power to larger high power pumps. I am sure we will have the right one for you!

We stock a variety of self contained water features which are designed to 'plug and play' for those who do not want to get involved in creating their own - our prices start from just £50!

Whether you are looking at creating your own water feature or would prefer something off the shelf, our team are here to help. We will guide you through the different components you might need or our extensive catalogue of garden water features.